Baby Clothing Shopping Tips: Safety and Comfort First

Adorable Baby ClothesWhen your baby is born, it is natural for you to be proud. You show off your little bundle of joy wearing cute, new garments, every chance you get. Most new parents, however, don’t know how to shop for new baby clothing. New parents often adorn their baby with garments that are too complicated or uncomfortable. Although it helps to receive plenty of baby garments as gifts from friends and family, here are a few baby clothing shopping tips for the clueless.

The Essentials

Begin with three or four sets of one-piece pyjamas and six to seven onesies or footsies. Purchase light cotton for warmer weather, and thicker, fleecy pieces for winter. Buy eight to ten pairs of socks in the 0-6 month size to ensure your baby gets good use out of them.

Babies love swaddling sacks. They feel warm and safe just like they were in their mommy’s tummy. It snuggles them, and they easily fall asleep after a while. Purchase two to three swaddling sacks with Velcro that are easy to put on.

Baby Hues

The classic hues for baby clothes are pastel pink for baby girls and light blue for boys. Nowadays, more garment stores provide a broader selection, including bold and dazzling colours. Besides being more fun and upbeat, they have the added benefit of hiding stains. They also make great hand-me-downs to younger siblings.

Deals and Discounts

Start rummaging through thrift stores for the best discounts and deals. You’ll also find many wallet-friendly, adorable baby clothes online. They not only provide a range of budget-friendly baby clothes, but other baby products too. Another option is asking for old baby garments from family friends or relatives. Babies grow rapidly, and your baby will be wearing a different size in a matter of months.

Stay away from clothes with long ties, buttons, or other small accessories that pose as choking hazards. Don’t forget to wash your baby’s clothes before putting them on your baby, even when they’re new. A baby’s skin is very sensitive, and unwashed clothes may cause rashes. Always place safety first. Your baby can still be fashionable in safe and comfortable clothing.