When Post Processing Reach Its Limit: Five Common Mistakes in Photo Editing

download free GIMPWe all want the best in our photos. But sometimes, it’s our exaggeration that results to overproduced and unsightly post-processed images. When photography beginners learn to use photo editing tools, they’re often in awe of its capabilities, resulting in an overused feature.

Don’t get caught up with excitement when downloading free GIMP software. Look at these mistakes photography beginners often do when it comes to image post-processing.

Removing natural facial or body marks

A freckle, birthmark, or a mole is not a blemish, it’s an asset. Many beginners are rushing to remove them during post-processing, thinking it will offend the subject. Always consult your subject and see if it’s okay to remove their natural marks. People want to look like themselves in the photographs, not to achieve a new version of themselves.

Too much contrast

Shadows depict motion and reality. But when it’s overproduced, it’s not looking good anymore. Real life shadows have shape and not fully black. Avoid putting too much contrast on photographs and focus on structure to show realism.

Abusing black and white

Black and white can add a layer emotion to the photographs. But when you apply it to a colorful forest or a nice looking rainbow, you’re just ruining the entire setting. Use black and white on the right image, such as portraits or vintage spots for a more dramatic effect.

Cropping too much

Cropping can make or break your images. It definitely throws out pixels and information so you need to be careful when cropping an element. If you’re unsure about the size you need, keep your post-processed image as is.

Going crazy on sharpening

Raw images do need sharpening as it makes photographs crisp and real. But when you have blurry and soft-focus photos, it will actually do more harm than good. Go with neutral numbers to make sure you’re not oversharpening the image.

There are no pros in editing. It all comes down to your preferences when it comes to post processing images. By knowing these mistakes, you can avoid easy problems and focus on your own editing style even if you’re just downloading free tools like GIMP for Windows.