Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes On Staying Fit

victoriaHer body

Even though Victoria’s Secret requires their models to have a bikini-ready body year-round, Doutzen Kroes admits that she doesn’t always fit into sample sizes.

“I’m 28 and I’ve had a baby. I have a woman’s body, and once in a while you run into the fact that things are not fitting the way they should be. But I joke about it and say, ‘What 13-year-old girl was wearing this?'” she said.

A supermodel

The Dutch model is one of the world’s highest paid models. Unlike other models that are size-zero, however, Kroes doesn’t believe in starving one’s self. What she believes in is having a healthy diet and exercise.

She raved about “Ballet Beautiful,” which she described as extreme ballet with a bit of boxing. “Ballet is amazing for a woman’s body — you work on the little muscles,” Kroes explained.

She also believes that diet plays a very important role in maintaining her figure. She said that she sticks to eating “very basic and happy food,” which she describes as green vegetables, fish, and potatoes.

What is real beauty?

Kroes is aware of the impact that the modelling industry is making on young women and she doesn’t like it. She admits that it can lower one’s self-esteem.

“I feel I’m such a big part of that insecurity that some girls might have because of my job, that girls think they have to be that picture. And even boys, they think that that picture exists, and it’s so frustrating because I don’t look like that picture — I wake up not looking like that picture.”