Cool DSLR Features (You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed)

You just bought a new DSLR camera from the Camera Warehouse, and are pretty excited to try it out. Compared to a point-and-shoot camera, a DSLR comes with a guarantee of superior image quality and shooting flexibility. It’s more than that, though. You may be completely missing out on the many upgrades and benefits of owning a high-end camera. Get to know some of the DSLR’s added features before taking another photograph.

Program Mode

If automatic and manual mode had a baby, it would be called program mode. Program mode is very much like automatic shooting, handling exposure for you. You won’t have to set the shutter speed, ISO, or aperture. The camera will do that for you. Unlike automatic shooting, though, you gain more creative control. You get to control the flash, as well as choose to set the ISO, custom white balance setting, and the over or underexposure of an image if necessary.

Custom Functions

Custom functions are considered as shortcuts for your DSLR. You can alternate between a bunch of settings with the turn of your mode dial. Quickly set aperture, ISO, exposure, noise reduction mode, colour settings, and more. This keeps you from having to manually change your settings over and over again.

Depth of Field Preview

Taking a look through the viewfinder of your DSLR camera, you’ll get an idea of what you’re shooting, not necessarily how your photo will turn out. Different factors affect the depth of field, and your DSLR won’t apply those settings until you take a picture. Oftentimes, you want to see what you’ll get before pressing the shutter. The depth of field preview allows you to do this.

Back Button Focus

Holding the shutter button halfway engages your DSLR’s autofocus mechanism. Sometimes, certain conditions call you to focus in another way. Back Button Focus lets you press a button on the back of your DSLR during those times when you feel like using the autofocus, and use the shutter only for capturing a photo.

This button stops your camera from refocusing every time you snap a photo, saving you the trouble of maintaining a certain focal point. You get the autofocus option only when you want it and a dedicated shutter button. Pretty much all Canon DSLR lenses support this feature.

You have an entire menu of options. Don’t settle for a glorified point-and-shoot. There are many more cool DSLR features most are unaware of. Start exploring your DSLR, learn how it works, and get the most out of your camera.