Using After Effects Templates to Spice Up a Local Tourism Campaign

Traveling is a great source of fun, entertainment, and adventure. People love to see beautiful places and experience new adventures. Promoting local tourist spots and other great destinations can be easier if you have a well-produced promotional video.

Creating your video from scratch can be hard, considering you’ll start with nothing at all. You need to find good shooting spots, materials, and video editing resources and professionals. Outsourcing the job may also be costly. Seeing as you probably won’t have a budget similar to global campaigns like Malaysia’s Truly Asia, Thailand’s Amazing Thailand, or the UK’s Visit Britain, it’s best to find ways to cut on costs.

In-House Video Creation and Editing

Modern technology offers many choices to people looking to create awesome videos as part of a tourism or destination strategy. As part of a local tourism campaign team, your goal is to produce the best campaign ad or video. Royalty free stock footage will improve the quality of your work, and there are hundreds to choose from on the Internet.

The Role of After Effects Templates

Using After Effects templates is a more practical option when it comes to video production. Instead of commissioning a customized animation rollout for the project you’re working on, you can easily insert photos, footage, and animated texts to ready-made templates. Such effects will add value, relevance, and usefulness to your local tourism campaign video.

From Raw to Polished

Using stock footage and After Effects templates, you can transform your raw video into a well-polished presentation that will encourage more travelers to visit the place you’re promoting. You can discover more ways to highlight the best assets or selling points of the place as you work with these elements. For example, instead of using a jump cut between clips featuring two remote and distant locations, you can tie the two together using stock footage of a clip showing a drive down a long and winding road. For night scenes, you can use stock footage or time lapses of busy city streets coming alive. These are just some of the best ways to polish the final product.

Multiple Clips in One Masterpiece

Merging video clips into a single masterpiece is possible using the latest technology in video editing. Add a little touch of After Effects to create seamless flow and continuity. There’s no limit when it comes to using these tools, as long as you choose the right ones that will work best for your videos. Many companies and websites collect and sell these elements online, so it’s pretty easy to find the best clips. Landscapes, cityscapes, and other great sceneries are among the top content selections, and you’re likely to find stock footage and After Effects templates featuring these elements.

Creating a better video presentation for your tourism purposes is easy with a little editing skills and the right source for additional stock footage, motion backgrounds, and other elements.