Choosing the Right Material for Your Deck

Having a deck is a great addition to the household, as it allows the family to spend time outdoors. This way, they can enjoy the environment without leaving the vicinity of their home. Before choosing a material for your deck, you must know what best suits its location.

Types of Decking

Plastic – A plastic decking won’t crack, warp, or splinter. It’s stain resistant for lower maintenance and doesn’t need a finishing coat unlike wood. The plastic can be made from partially or completely recycled materials.

Composite – The material for this deck is made of wood fibers, like sawdust, and recycled plastic. It’s dense, so it doesn’t splinter, warp, or rot. It’s also stain and weather-resistant.

Wood – Cedar, redwood, pressure-treated pine, or tropical wood, are some examples of wood materials that are ideal for decks. Check if the home improvement center like DirectBuy Central Texas, or their materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This way, you’ll be sure that these are not harvested illegally.


Wood is prone to rotting and warping, so it needs more maintenance. Its surface can be finished with lacquer or left as it is. Mold spots and other wood-damaging elements, however, are difficult to remove once it shows up.

Composites and plastics need maintenance once a year. Look for a home improvement center like Direct Buy Central Texas, for materials and assistance in this regard.

Heat Resistance

Many experts recommend wood to households that always experience hot weather. Depending on the type, wood material holds different levels of heat. Lighter woods, like pressure-treated Southern yellow pine, are good examples of this material that come at a reasonable price.

Plastic and composite don’t give comfort on a sunny day. In fact, these can get so hot that nobody can walk on its surface barefooted. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by choosing a lighter color of plastic layer, as it holds less heat.

Regardless of the material, the deck should be according to your lifestyle and preferences. Look for a home improvement center, like Central Texas Direct Buy, for a wide selection of materials that you can use for your deck.