Engineering and Procurement Services for Oil and Gas Firms

Oil and gas companies in Calgary, Canada are always in need of services that will help them in their procedures. This is why engineering and procurement (EP) facilities are becoming popular in the industry. These include technical and engineering solutions for construction purposes, grassroots facility, and debottleneck engineering. In addition, they also have outstanding engineers who offer effective oil and gas solutions.

Here are some services that Calgary oil and gas companies can get from engineering and procurement facilities:

Oil Treating

This reduces the threats that oil can cause to the environment. Many oil and gas companies look for engineering and procurement (EP) services to increase the cleanliness of oils through decanting and filtering. Distillation process, hydro treatment, blending, and compounding are some techniques that engineers use to treat waste oil. They replace the oil that they use for lubrication to prevent contamination from dirt, metal, and water.

Waste Water Treatment

This removes contaminants from sewages. This way, it creates an environmentally safe fluid waste stream and solid waste stream fit reuse or removal. It’s even possible to reuse these wastes for drinking water using advanced equipment.

Steam Generation

This process involves changing chemical energy to heat through a firing method. Engineers often collect sludge in wastewater treatment processes, which are contaminated with toxic compounds. This is why low water-content boilers, like steaming generators, are important.

Sludge Treatment

Many engineering firms get rid of sludge by disposing it on a landfill or injecting a specific liquid to the topsoil. This way, they reduce the weight they transport to offsite facilities. In other areas, they return the sludge to the sewer systems, so large treatment plants can reprocess it.

Sour Gas Treating

Engineers use sour gas treatment to remove unusual gases from streams. They also use it to treat natural gas from the pipelines. It’s among the most affordable methods for acid gas and mercury removal and dehydration.

Many oil and gas companies can improve their productivity by implementing these services. Look for an engineering and procurement (EP) facility, like, to find more services that can be beneficial to your company.