Understanding Picky Eaters

You saw a new recipe on your favourite cooking show and you want to try it. You think that it’s healthy, tasty, and your husband will surely like it. But there is just one thing that you’re worried about. Your child may not like it. Your kid may try a few bites but will never consider eating it as regular meal.

If you’re having a hard time encouraging your child to eat healthy meals, you’re not alone. Many parents experience the same problem with their children. As youngsters change their eating habits from day to day, family mealtime often becomes a challenge. Most parents always find it hard to introduce something new and healthy.

The Problem

As children grow, their appetite changes. At one moment, they may like a certain meal, and then suddenly one day, they hate it. Well, this is just normal. Children, particularly toddlers, are most likely to show their likes and dislikes when it comes to mealtime. And because of this, battles are fought over meals.

When your child is a fussy eater, it is just natural that you worry if they will grow and develop normally. When they refuse to eat what you normally serve, you may resort to feeding them unhealthy snacks. This solution, however, will only make the situation worse. Your child may become more reluctant to eating a meal, knowing that a snack will be offered later.

What to Do

When you can’t make your child eat what you serve, you may think of giving them a reward just to make them finish their plate. You may think of rewarding them with a slice of cake or three scoops of ice cream. This approach is just fine but children may regard healthy meals as a challenge and consider sweets as a prize.

If your child refuses to eat vegetables and other healthy food choices, you can serve food that your kid will surely like. You can try cooking an Australian pork dish and try including vegetables in it. When it comes to desert, vary what you serve each meal. You can try ice cream one night and then healthy fruit shake on another day.

The next time you go to a food service and small goods store, make a list of what you want to buy. Consider your own choices as well as your child’s. Create a healthy balanced meal by combining Australia pork, chicken, and beef dishes with vegetables.