How SEO Has Changed

Just a few years ago, all your e-marketing efforts and SEO strategies were working well. Your website appears on the top search engine results and you attract a good number of visitors every day. But as time went by, your page ranking decreased. You couldn’t draw even a few visitors just like before. With these series of unfortunate events, you might probably be wondering what went wrong.

No matter how hard you try, you will never see positive results when you’re using the same old methods over and over again. This is because SEO and organic SEO strategies have changed significantly over the past few years. What seemed to work so well before might not work now. Google’s and Bing’s algorithms are becoming more complex to combat poor quality content and website spamming.

What Has Changed

Before, strategies such as using specific set of keywords, and creating text focus content used to work so well. But as time went by, these techniques suddenly became useless. These days, keyword density is not overly important. When you use repetitive keywords, your content will be flagged as spam. Meanwhile, content has become diverse and is not just related to blogs and articles. Videos, info graphics, Internet memes, and presentations have become part of multi-faceted content.

Frequent changes on search personalization have also become predominant. Mobile SEO is also becoming more significant these days. And more importantly, social networking sites such Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have also influenced page rankings. With a lot of changes in the field of SEO nowadays, establishing a strong online presence will be much more difficult.

What Will Remain Constant

Although SEO has changed and will more likely change in the future, the importance of content is likely to remain constant for years. Fresh and original content plays a major role in bringing success to your efforts and strategies. Content that is accurate, updated, and uses the right keywords is more likely to help you hit the top search engine results.

When you want to gain edge over your competitors, you need to step up your efforts. You must use a new and effective ecommerce SEO strategies that can help you attract more visitors and establish a strong online presence. And it doesn’t end just right there. You need to keep track of SEO changes to be able to stay in the game.