Scientific Grounds Of Spongy Hands Skin Condition Learned

spongy handsA substance, Aquaporin 5, plays the key role to control the water content loss in the body including tears, saliva and other secretions. It is the general tendency of the body to turn white when submerged in water for hours together. However, when this change becomes rather very quick, it is known as “Diffuse Non-epidermolytic Palmoplantar Keratoderma”, a rare skin condition.

Revelation of a New Study

Scientists and researchers have revealed after a series of study on Swedish and British families that the key component, Aquaporin 5, is disturbed due to genetic changes in the human body. One out of 40,000 people suffer with this rare skin problem where the skin gets thickened in the hands and soles and turns spongy and white.

The Research

Studies show that the amount of this substance is present more in the hands and feet. Hence, the disorder is witnessed more in these areas.

However, with this discovery, there can be new aids to help the skin get moisturised in the right form naturally, asserted Prof. Kelsell.