Getting Into and Out of Your Relationship with Alcohol

Why do people drink alcohol? Many people would say that they drink liquor only to socialize (for some guys, this means summoning the courage to talk to girls). Meanwhile, there are those who consume alcohol because they enjoy its taste. Others would admit that they hit the bar for a few drinks as it makes them feel good.

Short-term pleasure

Drinking “to feel good” makes scientific sense because when you get drunk, some receptors in your body will shut down. Some studies even showed that alcohol consumption causes the release of endorphins – fondly called happy hormones – in the brain. The effects of alcohol can actually make you feel relaxed, at least up to a certain point.

Abusive relationship

If you drink alcohol to experience its effects, you could reach a point wherein you will drink more and more in order to feel those effects. This isn’t a good sign, though, as it could lead to alcohol abuse. An uneasy “relationship” with alcohol can damage your health. Excessive consumption can damage the liver, heart, and even the brain. It may also increase the risk of developing some cancers.

Road to recovery

The good news is that recovery from alcoholism is not impossible. The process can be difficult, but it is something that you can do as long as you know what steps to take. The first step that an alcoholic can do to recover is to realize he has a problem with alcohol and he needs help to overcome it.

Seeking the support of friends and family can be a great help. Knowing that you are not alone can make a significant difference in your way to recovery. Speaking of which, joining an alcohol and drug rehab support group can guide and encourage you to stay on the recovery process. Sign up with a drug alcohol rehab program and make sure to show up at the meetings regularly. Some programs offer both 12 step programs and alcohol rehab non 12 step programs.

The important thing is to make goals that you want to accomplish. Write these goals down and be sure to track your progress. Recovering from alcohol addiction is a process that requires consistency and a strong commitment to change.