Allegations Of Hacking Between US And China

us-chinaThe United States alleged China of hacking their weapons systems. According to the US government, hackers were able to access their electronic base of advanced weaponry. This incident can let hackers expose new developments for missiles and defense units of the United Sates. China, or any country, can use the information regarding the US weaponry to their advantage. They can create weapons that can counter any attacks from enemy troops.

The US might need to change their plans of improving their weapons. The types of weapons that are in their systems include warships, communications systems, missiles, and aircrafts.

On the other hand, China disagrees with the reports. China’s defense ministry also suffered the same fate. Their military websites were also hacked multiple times by unknown parties from another country. Chinese military force has no way to hack the United States’ weapon systems. According to Geng Yansheng, ministry spokesperson, they do not have any device to attack the US military weapon database.